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It been a great experience from Monday till today

on Monday I was doing Technical stuff with the Geeks, it was awesome, I have  leant a lot  starting from Networking on how  to Config a Rooter, the Components of a Computer, the difference between the Hardware and Software also types of Networks( LAN,WAN and Wireless Network), Types of Cables it been a great experience to be with geeks. Special thanks To The team Geeks Patrol  My Mentor Jarred!!

on Tuesday I was doing code where I was using a program called   Android Studio which it was very interesting and challenging from the start but as you go on learning the syntax it becoming awesome to code using it. I have created an application on my day1 using this software where you select the type of the background you want and the colour of your background chances…… Thanks To My Mentor

today as it is Wednesday I was doing Project Management  where I leant more about triple constraint (Scope, Time and Cost)  also got to learn more about agile as it a Methology  and sprints , I also learn about trellor … and today’s lesson will help me a lot on my project next year ….. Special Thanks to Craig

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