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My last day at immedia Summer School was filled with a mixture of emotions. For one – sadness for the obvious reason that it will be my last day here for at least the next year.

I have learned so much and have had so much fun in the process I cannot believe that it is over, the week just flew. I would like to thank my mentor Ntobeko for doing a truly amazing job in mentoring me I would also like to thank all the friends I’ve made and all the good people at immedia my making experience truly memorable.

Lastly I would like to thank my friend Ciaran for accompanying me on this experience it would have not been the same without her here. It was a great week that was well spent at immedia- I am going to miss this place a lot along with the people and the Wi-Fi.

New friends

immedia Summer School

Ciaran and I on our last day

My good friend Ciaran, who accompainied me here and made this experience extra special

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