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During my week at summer school, I was placed in the group ALPHA AI where I learned IOS coding on Xcode 9.2 in the programming language script. it was my first time coding in a script which was a challenge but fun and intriguing as I have an enquiring mind. My mentors were Antonie and Vanoshan who helped me work through the problems I encountered during coding my app.

so my IOS app is a number game which basically gives you a random four-digit number and you are required to add 1 to each of the digits as the answer where you would earn a point in dollars. I added a 1-minute timer to my game so it would be a little challenging to the users.

what I learned from building my application:-

  1. Using timers with,Timer invoking selectors on a target.
  2. Working with.UIAlertController
  3. More complex conditionals (if-statements), introducing if-then-elseif-else and bigger-than and bigger-or-equal-than.
  4. String formatting, zero-padding, and the modulo operator.






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