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I’ve been given a chance by immedia to attend summer school for 5 working days which means 1 week.

* i took that chance as a ladder with 4 lanes (Android, Web Dev, Project Management and Windows app)

>first lane
i was assigned with the Android team. it was interesting when i get through with tutorials . i understand everything since its more like java that i use at school which is eClipse.

i had to install android studio but my computer couldn’t support it. i ended that day without doing any progress try make ma laptop to meet those requirements
i even sacrificed Fifa 15 PES 16 etc!
most hectic day

<step2> of First lane
where i was required to do project on Android since on my PC was not working. I was busy with tutorials and try other ways to make it work i downloaded Virtual box, GenyMotion but still.

2nd lane
I was working with Web Development team, mentored by Ruby.
i was required to use HTLM5, CSS, JScript and Bootstrap. it was a great day lil-bit challenging

3rd lane
I was chilled day no coding – just study and study. i was doing project management where i gain a lot about to structure your project and how to communicate with client as a developer
TOOLS: Trello
IDEA: “triangle constraints (scope, time,cost)” we also had an interesting lesson at the boardroom.

4th Lane
i’m working on a windows app its not that challenging since I’m familiar with C# visual studio. I couldn’t finish it since its more like half-quarter day. meeting at broadroom.


I did IT

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