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Now that we are reaching the end of summer school I have finally come to a realisation about what it is IT companies actually do, other than drinking coffee. The people at immedia are kind, amazing people but they are diligent as well as hard working.

Now as for what I accomplished today, I learnt and tested the android app recycler view as well as cards which are basically different blocks on screen carrying different information, sometimes the similar information or different information.

I had the honour of attending a meeting/seminar or, according to immedia,  a seminar of seminars aka meta-seminar, where they discussed various topics and apps. I believe that we were very fortunate to have gotten the opportunity to attend the meeting as this does not happen very often.

We were also going to get a chance to converse with the owner as well as founder but due to some unforseen circumstances that was postponed for tomorrow.

Today I could confidently say was an amazing day.

P.S immedia coffee = haven on earth <3

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