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Today I did research on how to set up and configure wireless routers. Once I completed my research I was asked to set up and configure 3 wireless routers, 2 Tp-Link routers and a Netis router. I faced a few challenges while doing this as my laptop was not picking up the connection from the router and as a result of that I could not login and configure the router using the default credentials. Lusanda came to assist me and we found a way to gain that connection by using an adapter. Once I configured the router I then created an SSID, enabled wireless MAC address filtering, disabled SSID broadcasting, set up a DHCP range and a static DNS address on the router. I then tested a few keyboards to check if they are functioning correctly. I then did some research on network devices, and was then asked to test the functionality of a few switches. I was given the task to clean and pack a clients’ computer so that it could be sent out.

one of the challenges I faced while configuring the router

testing the switches

clients computer ready to be sent out