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Morning Things with Farai.. @8am

As we began day two of this week.. Morning session @8am with Farai who is part of the Geek patrol team here at immedia. We learned about the Microsoft Cloud Datacenter. What is a Data centre and where is it?

He played us a video where they explained what a data center is and where it is currently. One in Quincy, and the other one i remember been mentioned on the video is in Chicago which is the largest data center for Microsoft so far. It is extremely secured and very much user and environmentally friendly.

10am things with Andre

@10 we attended another session with Andre. Who has a very remarkable record in programming from most especially Android development. He did a presentation on Project Management and he showed us PM tools and how to use them. A session I would have loved to have attended just before my 3rd year at varsity. He explained to us about a currently used methodology known as Agile which uses a subset called Scrum.
That entails product owner, product backlog and sprints.

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