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Hi, my name is Kaybo Kotze but most people call me Jack, not because of some telekinetic power, no because I tell them to.

So far I have been doing Bots and API’s. Do you know what a bot is? So bots are a new development platform created by Microsoft that allow you to communicate to a given system through platforms like Skype, Facebook messenger, and Slack.

Since this is quite a new platform it is relatively complicated but it would definitely be worth it for you to take a look at it if you are a developer. I am glad that I got expose to the platform because I believe that this platform can be integrated into many platforms. These include restaurant businesses. You can ask the bot for an order and it will give it to you.

You may ask, how does the bot understand you. Well, this is the basic breakdown. In your program, you have a set of commands that generate a response to your system. Now you can link your program to Microsoft intelligent system called LUIS. LUIS is like an artificial intelligent learning machine. You can teach it to respond in a certain way to requests that people give you. In my example, I had a request for a list of current trending movies. LUIS recognized this request and then executed on that request by initiating the response that I had programmed for that specific request. Have a look down below.


That’s an example of what it is like. You can program the bot to respond differently to any command you give it. Imagine how you can apply this yourself to everything you do? You can use it in almost every business. Use it to turn off the lights in your house. If you are someone that likes to be in control, then this is something you should check out!

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