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For my second Immedia summer school experience I have decided to continue learning android application development. I was placed directly into the work environment of both IOS and Android dev teams, which is great as I was able to watch,listen and experience the process of developing the various applications first hand. On the first day of summer school I was glad to see the same team from last year, so I was greeted by a lot of familiar faces. I was first given an introductory talk from the summer school organizer Kelly, and then an intro into what a scrum is and what it consists of from two of immedia’s scrum masters. Afterwards we all proceeded to the main building and I was assigned an app to develop using android studio with java as the language. I was tasked to make a weather app using any weather API to gather information about the weather from my current location.

Day 1: I spent most of day 1 learning all I could about API’s and I completed most of my functionality and interface design of the weather application.

Day 2: On day 2 I continued with additional functionality and features for my app and could see solid progress being made. I also observed the work environment of the different teams at immedia. We also did team and communication building exercises.

Day 3: I spent most of the day working on my weather app, thinking of different features to add while fine tuning what I had already done. We also received a long, informative, inspirational and educative talk from one of Immedia’s founders. He spoke about the upcoming of immedia and how app development changed South Africa.

Day 4: This day was fully dedicated to completing my weather app and asking my mentors for additional advice and tips and tricks into developing applications. I finished the day with an almost complete app, while looking forward to tomorrow because that is the day I produce a complete, bug free weather app.

Day 5: This day was considered the sad day as I would present my final attempt at a weather app in front of some of immedia’s app dev team, which means it was the last day of summer school. Hence the sad part. I demoed my app and then proceeded to answer follow up questions from the team members. My fellow summer schoolers and I had an informative conversation with the team and received some really good advice before we all left.

This summer school was one of the best weeks I have had this holiday. I have taken in so much information and experience in such a short time and have got a good understanding of what my future in programming will be. I look forward to have many more experiences like this in the future to come.