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So today is going all good so far. Had this nice presentation session about Scrum and Project Management. Really learnt a lot from the session too bad forgot to take pics to share, but the rich information that was shared was worth every second. Learnt how projects are planned and split up amongst the teams and that there’s a way of managing called “sprint” if I remember correctly if not I stand to be corrected.

This method is efficient in the sense that work is allocated to each team member to be finished in a certain period of time and the are tools used to measure their progress. So basically it simple means in the business world time is efficient. Clients work according to schedules, time frames, budgets and every deadline counts. That is why these tools are used to manage time better.

All in all I learnt so much during the session and the guy was doing the presentation was king and patient enough to answer all our questions.



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