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Last Day

Unfortunately today is the last of summer school. I’m so sad that our time here as summer schoolers is reaching its conclusion. It would be so much better if this was a two week opportunity as I was get to spend more time here. It’s...

The penultimate day of Summer School

We spoke about digital media and how it can help businesses as well as society in terms of improving growth. As digital media doesn’t required much infrastructure. 

Day 3 – API’s and re-calibrate

The culture here is amazing, it’s just like in the movies. Everyone is sitting down by their table and doing their work. However, unlike the movies this office doesn’t have that boss that’s breathing down on everyone’s throat. Go watch the movie Wanted to get an idea of what I’m talking about.

Day 2

First Day

The first day of Summer School was very exciting, I got to meet a bunch of developers that were willing to help whenever I ran into problems. Van gave us a very inspirational talk about he transitioned from summer school to a junior developer. LOL...