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Summer School Day 5

Today being the last day here at immedia leaves me deeply saddened. Even though it’s only been five days, I’ve really grown attached to my Summer School peers, the mentors and staff at immedia. There’s just no way to put into...

Summer School Day 1

All of the mentors are really chilled and down-to-earth, it really makes one look forward to the week ahead at Summer School.

#Day 3

Today I learnt about the  repository pattern and it’s benefits , I also learnt how to create repository for students and course model on Microsoft visual studio. Thank you to my mentors Margaret and Pinkie for assisting me throughout the...

Day 3.

I finished task one and moved to task 2. It was great doing task 2 because I had better understanding on what I was doing. The following pictures show the final product of task 2 and the changes that I made from task 1. Thanks to my tutor...