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My Summer School experience

I personally felt I learnt a great deal in the short time I was apart of the summer school experience and that was due to the good work from the Immedia peeps who were willing to take time of their days to assist us several times throughout the week and I am very appreciative of that and of this experience and am definitely going to build on what I have learnt this week as it is a great interest of mine and hope to pursue a career in this specialist field in the not too distant future.


I learnt a tad bit of code , our project was to create  a web page consisting of 5 pages . I currently have 5 pages with the help of our mentor and fellow student . We  also found out about other courses that that can help us (people with little to...

3rd day in Summerschool

Summer school is great!! I’m really enjoying so far. With all that I’ve learnt about Cloud infrastructure I created and published my Website in Azure. I got inspired when the founder of the company presented to us how the company was...

1st and 2nd day at Summer School program

I’m so excited in starting this program and I’m also interested in knowing more about cloud infrastructure, so far I’ve been introduced to Cloud computing, Azure and Power BI.