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Day 2 at immedia

Stand- ups occur every morning and all I have to say is that, this is something i never saw coming. As a Summer Schooler, these “meetings” have exposed me to what happens within the teams and the outstanding work that is done by the professionals.

Day 4

My website is almost complete. I have learnt a lot about the working environment and what kind of mindset that immedia adopts . They encourage growth and it is a very team focused environment .The talk on future jobs was very informative .It was a...

Day 3

On Day 3 we listened to a talk about the history of immedia. It was very interesting and informative. After the talk, I continued working on my snake game which I started on Tuesday. I went on to finish the game, it felt so good to know that I...

Day 4 – immedia Prep Talk

I still cannot believe that in just 4 days, I’ve learned what I didn’t think I was capable of doing.