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On Monday as it was our first day at immedia summer school we had an orientation which was presented to us by Miss Nomfundo where by we all had to introduce ourselves as the students, Miss Nomfundo further explained that we were going to be be individually tasked with a project depending on one’s specialty,

After the orientation I had a class with Mr Shane Sarkhot my mentor, he explained the project to me and he also gave me themes to choose one from and I chose the Marvel theme to do my project which was to create a website. He also suggested online tools I can use to do my project which were WordPress and Wix , I researched WordPress since I am more of a back-end developer I am more experienced coding with JAVA on ANDROID STUDIO and C# on VISUAL STUDIO, using WordPress was new to me and I was up for the challenge and I am always up for learning new things

I created my HOME PAGE using WordPress and also applied some knowledge I had from creating websites before and added some HTML code. I could not add CSS due to WordPress limitations since I was using it for free, I was limited from using other features. When I finished creating the home page I showed to my family to get their feedback