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Day 2

The marvel API sucks. But hey, I’m stuck with it. I need a few node modules to handle
the cryptography part of the API (It asks for an MD5 hash).

So I ended up needing to turn this into a Node.JS app, should work now?


Found an NPM package that says it can turn node modules into usable JS files for web apps,
gonna try that next. I don’t have the time to make it work in Node

The NPM package didn’t work, or I’m not smart enough to make it work.

I’m jumping through all these hoops just because the Marvel API requires an MD5 check. I hate this.

So, all of that has not worked. Time for a sketchy workaround because I’m tired.

MD5 API lol. Send what I need hashed and use the response for the Marvel API. This is a terrible way to
do it. Well, it’s not terrible, but inefficient. You’re making a call to one API to set yourself up to call another

So, after 6 hours of work, I have made a successful API call.

So, contrary to my previous statement, the Mavel API does not suck.
The documentation sucks

End of Day 2

I spent the whole day trying to get the API call to work, only to find and implement and actual solution
in 5 minutes

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