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The last day was basically based on Sandile and I designing a PPT, the next part of the day will to actually present the Power Point, basically it will based on what Sandile and I have done over the course of the week.

We built a computer and used it, built an Ethernet cable, which was used in the testing of the PC. The second task we did was install windows 10 on the PC, next we installed most important applications for the computer, after that I had to install updates for Windows 10, which was basically the whole day. Thereafter we had to make a mail account which was a cool.  Really enjoyed the entire week, learnt so much, however I am sad to be leaving this awesome place, I think the hardest thing this week was saying good bye to everyone I met ,and, apparently quoting everyone’s line : “There was too little time” . Thank you Geek Patrol, Summer School and immedia. Will definitely come back for some more learning next year. Thanks again.

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