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Okay, so I have decided to do this blog a bit differently, instead of blogging each day about my experiences I have decided to do one big blog of my entire week at immedia. Here goes…

Beginning of time (Day 1)

Because I have been to summer school before I kind of knew what to expect. I understood the drill of getting the badges to wear, how to log in to the wifi (ha ha internet yay!), setting up your laptops with the necessary software(TIP: if you are planning on working in android app dev, download android studio the night before you start summer school).

And so we were introduced to our mentors, mine was Nosipho, who I must commend as she tolerated my constant questioning on all the different attributes in the android studio, all the different types of features we could add as well as if we could advance further. She taught me to take things slowly, to follow the tutorials and to understand what the current project was before moving on.

Learning the anatomy of Android studio (Day 2)

After creating my first log in app on day 1. I was now curious to know what all the different files and features were of Android Studio. So I set out exploring and researching, I came across how to display the stack trace and how to track your errors in order for you to see where your app was breaking and what the error message was. This helped me immensely as I was using my cellphone to run the apps off of.

At the end of the day, I was pretty confident on where to declare your colors when you wanted to use colors, where to declare your strings when you were using strings ( this if for the XML of course). I also learnt where to put your pictures when you wanted to use your pictures.



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