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An early start to a productive day.

I was interested in learning the basics of animation. I was then taught a few principles and tutorials under the guidance of Melissa We started on keynote with a “bouncing ball” animation for beginners. I first followed an online tutorial of a basic bouncing ball which I completed. The next step was to create a more intricate bouncing ball animation on one HDR scaled slide compared to basic multiple slides. I struggled with this at first as it was difficult to flatten the image of the ball on the ground, to make the animation look synchronised. I then faced further difficulties browsing for online tutorials and playing around on keynote until I completed the final animation.

A productive day overall in beginners animation! I wish to further improve my skills in the future. Although I mostly looked up tutorials and worked from that, Melissa was helpful in providing extra information and teaching me the basics of keynote. I would have not been as productive if I attempted this animation tutorial at home.

animation bouncing ball 2

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