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This is my very first time here at immedia Summer School and thus far it has met all of my expectations. The day started off with an orientation and introduction to the group of enthusiastic students participating this week. To my surprise, I met and became acquainted with a guy who’s just 15 years old and has been programming since the age of 10!

Thereafter, we were introduced to a cool guy from Holland who gave us a presentation on Scrum and agile principles, something which I am familiar with as I’ve studied this and practiced it’s principles at University. We then played an interesting game related to scrum and agile development which showed us the importance of communication in a team. I’m not going to give you anymore hints about the game, but I will tell you that it is possible to make the record of 1 second.. You’re just going have to get down here and try it out for yourself and share in the joy of all the Summer Schooler’s that made the record.

I then met my mentor Margaret, with whom I’ll be working with on an API with for the rest of this week. She is an amazing person who’s really talented and wiling to share her experiences and skills. I got the opportunity to chat with the other mentors during the break and got to know a bit more about them. All of the mentors are really chilled and down-to-earth, it really makes one look forward to the week ahead at Summer School.

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