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What a week!

I was tasked to build an API and it was really interesting. I had briefly worked with APIs before and Summer School gave me a chance to improve my knowledge. Oliver really helped me a lot when I could not find a solution to the problems I was facing. I also really enjoyed hearing from Kelly on how to be an effective communicator, as well as from the different development teams, and Markus from the Geeks.

I worked on a movie API up until Thursday morning where users could do the following:

  • Add a movie (including a list of actors)
  • Edit a movie and add new actors
  • Delete a movie
  • Get a list of movies
  • Search movies by Id, movie name or actor name

I structured my database in a really complicated way which meant I ran into problems both with my editing my actors list and then later on when I worked on building a front-end website for my presentation. Even though Summer School is over (which I am really sad about), I want to finish my front-end website for my portfolio.

Below is some of the screenshots from my application:

Adding a movie from Postman to ensure my API worked

Adding a movie with an actor via my front-end (I struggled with this and could not complete it)

Fetching a list of movies (using my API Get method)

Fetching a List with a deleted item (deleted using my API)

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