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And on the 3rd day of Summer School, fun was had! Today, I had to face another challenge and design and code yet another iOS Application! As I mentioned in my previous blog post; I’ve decided to do my own version of Hangman and it’s really coming along smoothly.

Even with the absence of my iOS mentor; Deniel, I managed to work with the other mentors; Margeret, Pinkie, Nqobani and Priyen and they were a great help! Deniel, however, in his dedication to assist me offered guidance and more resources over the Slack Messenger.

Building this new app came with new challenges due to the fact that I was working with functionalities that I had never explored in Swift, however I persevered and overcame most of them – Tomorrow is yet another day, where I will leave no stone unturned until all my goals for this app are reached.

I believe that the conducive working environment of immedia greatly contributes to my drive and ambition to do better and to be better.

Some of the code behind for the Hangman App I'm building

Some of the code behind for the Hangman App I’m building

Above is a snippet of code I wrote for my Hangman App – A lot of research done to accomplish some of these functionalities and I’m proud of my accomplishment.

Basic Outline for my iOS Application

Basic Outline for my iOS Application

Above is my basic UI design for the Hangman Application. Once all functionality is completed, I may improve on the design – Perhaps add some colour and animation.

Our day was, however rather different. Today, we had our first session of the week presented by Mr Craig Hatting. We were told all about the Agile Scrum methodology as well as project management. Mr Hatting further explained the 4 fundamental stages of Agile Scrum being Project Backlog, Sprint Backlog, the actual Sprint itself as well as the Product Increment.

Together, we had an interactive tutorial where this process was further explained in detail.

Mr Hatting then went on to showcase the various project management tools being Jira, Hockeyapp and Git. Where developer teams can upload their projects and work on them together. These tools also allow for distribution among other developers and testers, vivid crash reports and where to fix them as well as various user metrics which provide insight on how, when and where users use your apps and what you can do to improve them.

All in all, it was an eventful day!

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