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Today on our session Being Great Communicators was so great and I have learn other laws of being a great communicated. And today I have learn how to create a Repository design pattern using C#.    

Day 4 at immedia #Lungelo

Today  i feel like i am moving mountains . My Super awesome cool mentor has assisted me to set up Yeoman. Yeoman is an open source client-side scaffolding tool for web applications.which helps to use Angular better and gives you so many advantageous  commands....

Email config #Day4

The last day of learning from my mentor. The sound of that makes me sad that i will be leaving this environment. In a short time of space i have gotten used to seeing the same faces in a working environment. Everyone was really helpful and never looked down on me....


My day was great, we still trying to finish up our website with my Partner. We almost done, what left is to connect the form to the database so that the information that is entered to the form can go straight to the database.


what an amazing day i had @ summer School i was able to complete some of the important pages of my website m working on with the help of my mentor.Also i learned a lot & had fun on today’s session it was about communication…..  

Day 4 at Summer School

Its nice to be here!!! it like they’ll somebody who’s going to say “Hey Wake Up Nothando, You’re Dreaming”. And i’ll be “OMG that’s nice because i’m dreaming about my other half of life. I loved it”. Today is...


on my day three   @ summer school i was introduced to  Bootstrap i knew it basic but after my Day 3 i now master it………

Day 3 at Summer School

I started a new Chapter RecyclerView and Cardview. Even though i didn’t have an understanding but i was keep on trying. I’m still making my demo mobile app for Android device. I really enjoyed my day.

IOS number gaming application

During my week at summer school i was placed in the group ALPHA AI where I learnt IOS coding on Xcode 9.2 in the programming language script. it was my first time coding in script which was a challenge but fun and intriguing as I have an enquiring mind. My mentors...

Day 2

My day 2 at was challenging alot. I had to combine all the concepts i learned of Angular and integrate them into one web application. Routing and views was the most challenging part, having to make it all work together and with controllers