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hello world Day 1 & Day 2: Recapped HTML coding, created simple web page using HTML, then made the web page fancy by linking it to CSS programming. Learnt how to incorporate the use of bootstrap coding into HTML to optimize the web page layout creating a...

Day 1 + Day 2

Day 1 was about getting to know your mentors as well as the other summer schoolers. The day started off with an orientation presentation where we were informed on how immediate works on a day to day basis. Once that was done we had a mini lecture on Scrum and agile...


On the second day of summer school, we started to become familiar with the daily routine here at summer school. It was totally different than what i had expected it to be like. I assumed we would be told what to do and how to do it, but our mentors gave us the...


Today was all about getting acquainted with the rest of the summer school members along with the mentors and staff at immedia. It has been a great first day which started off with a warm welcoming and an orientation. The orientation basically started off with...

Summer School ’18 Day 2

We started off our day doing a recap of yesterdays work and then proceeded to do our team Stand-up meeting at the common room where we each briefly discussed what work we had achieved yesterday and spoke about the work that we were planning to achieve by the end of...

Summer School ’18 Day 1

Had a great start to the first day at Summer School! Started off my morning with an orientation where I met my team members as well as get a brief overview of the life at Immedia. A lecture on SCRUM and Agile development was taught thereafter we played a game that...


informative session for supporting IT and software dev ,crashes with visual studio its #Apple


informative session for team building, interactive , fun games , getting to know other team members and view points,

On Wednesday..

I had to finish what i was doing on Tuesday and i went through some tutorials that helped a lot…and  i have already started creating my app.