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Well after a long and thoroughly exciting time here at immedia, its finally time to look back at a explosive week.

On Monday it was my first time ever using Android Studio and working with Android, it was pretty fun and exciting but also quite daunting because i had absolutely no clue on what was going on half the time, but after a few tutorials online I started to get the hang of things and started enjoying myself and a few apps by myself, most where simple but i did make a few complicated apps, like the Flickr search app, Calculator, Foursquare app and a tip suggester for when you are a restaurant  and need to guess how much you need to tip the waiter.



Everyone here was welcoming and accommodating especially to a n00b such as myself. They were always checking up on us  to see if we where stuck anywhere or needed extra help or to provide us with more material or new ideas for our apps.



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