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My experience over the past week has been a pleasant one. Due to COVID-19 my whole summer school experience was online, and I felt it went smoothly despite that fact. I have just completed my diploma in ICT Applications development from DUT and as I have mostly covered app development during my years in campus, I decided to choose something I have little to no knowledge on. I chose Azure/cloud services as my topic for summer school.

My week started with a standard introduction meeting as well as being put into our respective groups with our chosen mentors. As I have basic Azure knowledge the first half of my week was going over the fundamentals and familiarizing myself with standard cloud technologies. After I felt confident enough to tackle something more intense my mentor proceeded to introduce me to more complexities in Azure.

The next half of my summer school week was me attempting a few exercises that were available to work with on the Microsoft website as there was a sandbox mode for a few of the sections I went over which allowed me to attempt them for free whilst you would usually have to pay for a subscription. To anyone looking to further their cloud knowledge I do suggest you look at the website for that helpful information.

I personally felt I learnt a great deal in the short time I was apart of the summer school experience and that was due to the good work from the Immedia peeps who were willing to take time of their days to assist us several times throughout the week and I am very appreciative of that and of this experience and am definitely going to build on what I have learnt this week as it is a great interest of mine and hope to pursue a career in this specialist field in the not too distant future.

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