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The day started with a remote Teams meeting (due to covid), and I got to meet my mentor.

We discussed my interests and areas of the company that was tailored to me. As anyone would be, I was nervous (including the fact that I was late due to Eskom problems⊗), but my mentor gave me peace of mind by sharing his story with me and allowing me room to know that I was not alone on this journey. 

After the discussion he gave me a few tips on what to focus on, and how I could do so, followed by my learning process. I had to complete a few crash courses that had information on everything related to my networking journey, which made me realize despite a coding background, there was still a lot I didn’t fully understand. 

With these courses completed, I earned a few badges: 

These courses gave me a good direction, and I’m prepared to put in the work to apply this knowledge!


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