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Learned so much from this morning’s session by Anice and Selene.

I left there inspired and with my mind more open to countless possibilities. I felt really inspired and driven to become the best that I can possibly be and learn as much as I can possibly absorb. I like the whole concept of “eternal learning” that alone is just amazing. The learning and teaching opportunities at immedia are great, and they encourage you to continue building, learning and growing.

Thank you for taking your time out to speak to us, it really did give a personal touch, information can’t be read or researched, it’s all about the experiences and sharing those experiences that make it that much more important.

You made me realise that there’s more to life than settling and we’re essentially in this because we love it and what to bring about positive change and improvement to our communities and country at large, hey even the world. You showed us that nothing is impossible and “can’t” should not exist in our vocabulary. Appreciate getting a different more straight forward perspective of the working world. Great session indeed, thank you.


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