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Unfortunately this insightful week at immedia has now come to an end. It has been a week of growth, imagination and inspiration for me as an individual. Not only did this week’s course invoke inventive ideas, but it also caused a passion for programming.If immedia has taught me anything, it’s that one should never stop learning, because the moment you assume you know it all is the moment you cease to exist in this field.

It promoted growth and a progressive development of oneself in a positive manner. Another fundamental part of this process is the joy that we can pass this acquired knowledge down to others which are willing to be taught. A skill should never be hoarded, but it should be freely given just as it was so freely received. This concept was evident as it lurked within the personality and tenacious character of our assigned mentors for the week.

My final goal for the week eventually reached, not to mention the challenges that were faced along with it. I successfully implement my website which shows the movies that are now showing, upcoming movies, top rated movies, most popular movies and in addition a description of each movie. This application was a build-up throughout the week and required a set of interrelated components needed for the implementation.

I am grateful to immedia for accommodating me. It was an absolute pleasure working with the hospitable and friendly Geek Patrol team. I will, without a doubt, miss this place!!!


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