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Day #4 began with the realization among myself and my fellow Summer Scholars, that it was the second-last day before our time at immedia would come to an end.

The day comprised of me continuing with the task of designing my website using Visual Studio. My mentor was of great aid as she helped me rework my website design. The very design that she gave me was the one I ended up keeping and building on, her aid was much appreciated.I can honestly say I loved every minute of it here.

In addition i have attended a MindShift seminar hosted by the strategist Mr. Anice Hassim which was an inspirational, innovative and mind-blowing experience. This seminar was about how technology is evolving and how much we can still expect in the future. The things he spoke about helps you to see the bigger picture, making you ask questions like what’s the next step in the technological world.

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