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Another marvelous day(Friday), firstly I requested my mentor to let me connect the router and make LAN and WLAN configurations without any assistance everything was successfully configured. I also went to one of the client who had a network failer, what I have learned is that there was a power problem in some of the socket they did not have power which leads to a network problem because most of the components should be powered.

The other critical aspect is when you boot a server you need to unplug all external drives such as external hard drive because by default when the server start it first boot from the USB or external drives which leads to an error called (Operating system not found).

I love this Geeks Patrol work am really into it and am looking forward to do an Internship or any project with them since am about to write my final exam in N+ Certificate, the IT Diploma that am completing does not cover networking aspects.

I will love to take this chance to thank the Immedia Company as well as its staff to give us a super opportunity.

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