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My name is Zakithi and I am currently a third-year software student. It was an incredible eye opening exciting experience attending Summer School for 5 days. It helped me learn about the real working world of technology and also how fast paced it is. The environment is one where we learnt a lot from each other and also utilised our skills in different aspects. I was given the task of making a basic movie application on Android Studio that would present movies online.

I had many difficulties that I faced such as learning a new interface. Learning the language C# and implementing the software. It took me TWO days to download android studio, the components, Gennymotion (the emulator) and all the other beneficial applications my mentor gave me to download.

It was lovely meeting all the other students and learning about the programmes that immedia offers to young students.

I enjoyed the talks on Project Management and Agile also understanding the Cloud. It really enhanced my knowledge and understanding of technology.

This is the following basic app that I managed to create. There is a lot of room for improvement in terms of design, structure and just the utilisation of the application.  I am although very pleased with the outcome and will continue to work on it at home. I will also put up my upcoming work on Github and all the applications that the mentors advised me to use.

This is the splash Screen that lasts for 3 seconds then moves into the login page.


Following up is the welcome page that allows you to continue to the login page


The following pages are the login where you are allowed to enter your username and password and to log in. The last page is where the movies are shown in a grid layout view which I took images from the internet from. The last one I managed to change fonts and the look of the page in layout


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