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Kicked started the day with a Stand Up session with the Geek Managed Services team. Next I went on to complete the last 4 modules of Microsoft 365, I learnt about how when choosing a cloud deployment model you must also consider recent investment in hardware, in house IT resources and how sometimes its better to not move a system to the cloud and rather have a hybrid cloud,where only new systems will be hosted on the cloud.

I explored information protection solutions in Microsoft 365, learning that the discovery and classification of sensitive information are key factors of information protection strategy. These two factors need to be implemented correctly for the protection of information to be carried out properly. Another concept I came across was how to enforce protection settings such as encryption and extend sensitive labels of third-party applications for the classification of content with sensitivity labels.

The day ended off with a 1 hour 30 minutes session with Nakita, who introduced the topic of email filtering services to me. Through this session I learnt about Mimecast an email filtering service, Fortigate a firewall platform which delivers true and-to-end network security and Commvault an enterprise software that can be used for data backup and recovery, cloud and infrastructure management, retention and compliance.

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