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Man…this literally sucks to be the last because this was fun. Experiencing the real world wasn’t a cherry on an ice-cream.

I gained a great deal of understanding web development but, I don’t plan on stopping after this. The ‘stand-ups’ in the morning made me feel apart of a team 😊. My project was presented and I enjoyed being commented on my work, it made me feel I can do better because on the first day I knew nothing about computers and software.

This was my first and in the past 3 days, I was able to learn so much. The fun part was when I was working at my desk, I felt like I was in some high corp.

The communication everyone had with each other was enjoyable especially when my brother didn’t know that Geek Managed Services had a theme song… and on day 1 I was given my first project I was extremely scared because didn’t know what to do but Rubashen; someone from my team helped and explained some things to me and after that everything else seemed to flow in when I practised and got a hand on the basic.

But it sucks that I’ll have to focus on my last year in high school.😥 I’ll be back, Thanks Kelly for summer school and thank to my team: Web development.😋

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