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Today was all about getting acquainted with the rest of the summer school members along with the mentors and staff at immedia. It has been a great first day which started off with a warm welcoming and an orientation. The orientation basically started off with everybody getting familiar with how things operate at immedia and what the working life is all about.

After orientation, followed a scheduled group discussion which was conducted by immedia’s agile coach, Renze Klamer. We were given a game to play which involved using 3 different coloured balls and some game rules.  This game required all 9 of us, summer schoolers, to work as a team to establish a route to pass all three balls provided we did not pass to our neighbours. The aim of this game was to pass the balls in under a second! On our first try, we completed the task in 40 seconds. Several attempts later, once we became familiar with working as a team, we managed to complete the task in under a second. That was the first major achievement for us as a newly grouped team.

Today’s talk was about scrum and agile and how to work as a team. I have gathered knowledge on the importance of functioning as a team in a working environment. Generally, there is a misconception that software developers work alone. However, this is not true as the most successful projects are developed by a team of people. Sticks in a bundle are UNBREAKABLE!

After the morning orientation and talk, we were then assigned to our respective teams. My team member and I were grouped with the web development team here at immedia. We were tasked with our project which was to develop a website to encourage human settlement on Mars. My team member and I made headway with the planning and designing of the website and towards the end of the day, we started with the development process.

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