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I learnt a lot of stuff last week Friday and have continued to do so today. From spending a decent amount of time here, I have pretty much started to identify the culture of IMMEDIA. I find myself becoming more comfortable with the teams, and have along the way picked up more and more bits of knowledge about the different teams’ areas of expertise. Today Craig, Project Manager, described how IMMEDIA works with “Ecosystems” (groups of people with similar skills focused on achieving certain goals, who collaborate and are interoperable with other groups) which I thought to be very true, and is something I picked up on from day 1 of Summer School; IMMEDIA has a cool culture and is centered around a spirit of teamwork, creativity, Ubuntu and camaraderie.  Go IMMEDIA, go. I really hope this company continues to flourish in the future and creates *more* iconic Apps

Today has been a good Monday.


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