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Summer School was really interesting. Building an iOS mobile app really depended on how well you can use the drag and drop GUI (Graphical User Interface). Swift was an easy yet efficient language for iOS mobile app development. Resources based on Swift were present and informative. This programming language looks more like JavaScript, C# and JavaScript combined. It has a lot of flexibility in the sense that, you could specify your variable when initialising it.

Example for initialising a String:

  • var greeting : String = “HelloWorld”
  • var greeting = “HelloWorld”

In terms of my productivity, I managed to complete 3 working apps namely.

  • Hello [name] app

This was my first app. This was when I was familiarising myself with iOS mobile development. I had to start easy. The app is build to say hello to whatever the text in the textbox.

  • Calculator app

  • The find town map

The seeing the SuperSport App before its launch, was amazing. I never thought that immedia had such big projects behind the scenes. I also liked fabrik. I enjoyed the presentation. It was a privilege to see.

I would like to thank the mentors and immedia. Deniel Lalla is an amazing mentor. Summer school was really fun.

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