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Thursday, 19 November: I spent most of the day learning about CSS and watching videos online. I actually had a difficult time learning CSS. I also met Oliver, who helped me with my project as my mentor was on leave. He told me about Github and how important it is and he told me a little bit about Bootstrap. Later on in the day, I had a meeting with Team Malagento. I always knew the information technology space is big but after that meeting, I think there are more career paths that I can take into consideration.

Friday, 20 November: My final day of Summer School was bittersweet. I uploaded my website onto Github so that Oliver can help with my project as he was working from home on that day. That went well as he gave me some good pointers. I struggled a lot with the design of my project, I tried a lot of things but I ran out of time. I had a meeting with Team Mercury on MS Teams. I really appreciated this meeting because it was with two Devs who also attended Summer School during their university days.

So they knew exactly what I was going through and they were very kind to me. They also told me about their journeys and how they ended up as junior developers. Finally, it was time to present my project. I prepared for this as if I was preparing for an oral like I was still in high school. Although my website wasn’t glamorous, I’m really proud of my progress because at the beginning of the week I knew nothing about HTML, and as of right now, I consider myself a beginner. I’ve decided to continue with my website privately so that I can continue to gain more skills. This will be very beneficial for me in the future. At the end of my presentation, I was gifted with a Summer School mask, I was so happy about that.

I’ve learned so much in the 5 days that I spent at immedia. I definitely will apply again and focus on another area. Since I’m only in my second year of studies, I will apply for the internship next year and fingers crossed that I get accepted. I will continue to learn more skills in the mean time. This opportunity was so amazing and I’m super grateful for it. The staff at immedia were so lovely and kind to me, I did not feel lonely at all. Truly an experience I will forever be grateful for. I highly recommend that everyone take this opportunity.

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