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Today I got the opportunity to learn about API’s as well and find out, what they are used for. However before I got the opportunity to begin all this exciting new work. My mentors wanted to see what progress I had done this week and how well I was progressing with my work.

The culture here is amazing, it’s just like in the movies. Everyone is sitting down by their table and doing their work. However, unlike the movies this office doesn’t have that boss that’s breathing down on everyone’s throat. Go watch the movie Wanted to get an idea of what I’m talking about.

My mentors got an opportunity to view my work and they made some suggestions, on what work changes I must focused on making, as well as the part of my work that they felt was not necessary. This was really helpful as it guided me as well as gave me a direction on what I had to take in order to make my work presentable.

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