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Having some knowledge on Agile and Project Management, I was surely enlightened by the content of the session. I found the various tools used to manage projects, and the way they are implemented very interesting.

Knowing the theory behind Agile, it was exciting to see how project management tools help put everything together such as the duration of the sprint, how tasks are assigned to team members, and how task progress is updated.

I also learned about Code Repositories, such as Git, TFS and BitBucket, and how they are used for version control and collaboration. A code repository is a file archive and web hosting facility where source code for a software project or etc can be kept privately or publicly. Also, changes made to the project can be managed using a code repository(version control).

Distribution and feedback tools were something fairly new to me. I learned that these allow you to share apps for testing purposes, with other individuals or teams, in order to gather respective feedback.

Day 3 has been very informative, and I’ve certainly learned new techniques from this session.


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