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The presentation for Day 3 at Summer School was titled “My journey in the dev team” this was the presentation that I was most eager to attend because, it would give a first-hand insight into the journey other developers took in my position. The talk was hosted by Shane Sarkhot and Wayne Whitehead (my mentor). Shane and Wayne both spoke about the importance in work experience when compared to learning topics in University. The presentation was extremely informative and opened my eyes to the fact that the working environment is not a finish line but rather a continuous learning process which involves half learning and half implementation.
Day 3 Progress
On day 3 I decided to implement a home screen to navigate the required tabs rather than a bottom navigation view. The Home screen will have a clean flat UI with clearly labeled buttons to navigate the different tabs. The APOD main tab would remain the same as Day 1. For the date selection tab I implemented a text input which when clicked on would pop up a date picker dialog. Once the User selected the date of their choice a confirmation button would allow them to view the Astronomy Picture of the day for the date that they selected as well as the image title and date.

Home page with three navigable buttons

Date picker dialog

Output of the users selected date