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Whatsup IMMEDIATE MEDIA… or better know as IMMEDIA! (I made the mistake of pronouncing the company name “i-em-media” to Baz and was quickly corrected – the employees here seem to be proud of their company).

Today, in between sitting in on a meeting, I spent my time learning iOS, which was cool since I’ve never played around with Apple other than tinkering on my brothers’s iPad, which is far more intuitive than desktop iOS; Off the bat the operating system is very stylish and smooth, but the software, such as Photoshop for example, is very complex. I now better understand why designers are considered professionals – not that I originally considered otherwise, but coming from a GIMP background, which is far less complex, the magnitude of available settings and tools threw me off a bit. I like design, however, I feel that I would bash my head into the Mac’s large, sleek screen on many occasions if I were forced to learn Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. by trial and error, without receiving some form of training or mentorship. Not knowing all the functionality that Photoshop etc. is capable of is like trying to draw with a pen with no ink.

The meeting today revolved around some sort of Android App that facilitates promotions and marketing to target groups based on specific characteristics. The meeting’s agenda included design issues and their corresponding API issues, as far as my understanding goes. The biggest take-home point I got from today’s meeting is the importance of effective communication – without everyone in the team having the same understanding of jargon/terms, as time goes on, compounding issues will arise. Communication is how we translate what is in our heads, which, when talking about “internal thinking”, is an abstract process,  into language, so that other human beings can understand the abstract thoughts in our heads.  During the translation of abstract thought into language there needs to be a process of transformation. The reverse transformation process needs to occur when a person interprets another person’s language. A problem arises when one person’s (the receiver’s) transformation process isn’t the same as another’s (the sender’s), because a difference between understanding occurs. This can be ramified by either: more clear, effective communication, or diagrams, which is far more intuitive and associated to the way a human’s brain works – with internal visualisation.

I made this image with Photoshop and Illustrator combined with Brackets Web Dev:




On to day 2!

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