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On day one at summer school, my highlight for the day was Kelly she taught me to communicate better and that companies are looking for communicators rather than people who are self-centered.

I also met my mentor Oliver, he’s helpful and polite, I had self dought if I was going to be able to code a front end website since it was my first time doing HTML with the help of Oliver, he helped me boost my self-esteem into wanting to learn more about HTML and CSS.

I think working near the ocean is super nice when was stressed with the design I just walked out to the balcony for a breather. We had a small session with Markus he told us we could ask him if we need anything else, which was very nice because I thought we couldn’t talk to people from Geek, since people were tense on that side I don’t know why but maybe it was a few days before payday lol.

On the second day, I continued with my web design although it looked terrible lol I continued with the help of Oliver. Interviews were being hosted and in the cafeteria this lovely lady said was so sweet she invited me to join. Now I know what is expected of me on Friday when I need to present.

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