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Day 1 First I was stunned by the environment the employee are approachable friendly. l learned how to configure Mikrotik router of which I have never done before and also I had to Mac machine which was also new to me and did not support software to configure the router so I had to install it in a virtual machine and on top of that I had to install middleware application called Wine for an order for it to run it was a good experience it disturbs my comfort zone.

Day 2 I was working on a Mikrotik router doing bit advance configuration and we also had the session with the geeks held by Markus which was very enlightening we learned what it means to be a geek and what is their role in the company we had a chance to ask a question.

Day 3 This was even more exciting when I was configuring the  TP-LINK router but the highlight of it all was that we meet with Anice, CEO of the company. We learned more about the history of the company which was so inspiring the words which he spoke which stuck with me were “People perform better when they are MOTIVATED  it resonated with me.

Day 4 Learn how to do cable crimping this I had never done before so my first attempt was bad I did not put cables in order so it did pass the tester and second-round I perfected it. We had a session with the DEVS we learned that you must plan code clean and understandable types of developers and types of tools.

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