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Today Ntobeko taught me about AngularJS. It was my first time working with the language but since I do have some knowledge on HTML, JavaScript and CSS, learning the concepts of AngularJS wasn’t as mind boggling as I anticipated it would be. AngularJS is basically just using Javascript “behind the scenes”. JavaScript just takes a lot of time for simple concepts while AngularJS makes it easier and faster to complete the simple stuff.

Ntobeko installed Visual Studio Code on the Mac and he showed me how it works with Tizen Studio. Visual Studio Code makes it a lot easier to code on than Tizen Studio because it predicts what you’re using so that you don’t have to type the whole line of code out. To use AngularJS on Tizen we first had to download the AngularJS file and add it to the program file we were working on. Ntobeko explained a few more concepts to me on AngularJS and gave me some Angular References to read about so that I could understand more on AngularJS and so that I’ll be able to code an application.


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