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informative session for supporting IT and software dev ,crashes with visual studio its #Apple


informative session for team building, interactive , fun games , getting to know other team members and view points,

On Wednesday..

I had to finish what i was doing on Tuesday and i went through some tutorials that helped a lot…and  i have already started creating my app.

First Day

My first day was very great. As a student, experiencing new things that i might experience in future is the best feeling ever one could enjoy…What i did was to download an app i was going to use to create my own app but then i couldn’t finish.


So today the mentors reviewed the work we’ve done so far and they were pretty much happy about it and gave some few advises here and there but all was good.I’m enjoying being here at Immedia, the environment is so friendly here. Was supposed to finish the...

Day #2 [Tuesday]

Day 2: Communication Today I attended my first stand up session, which was a bit nerve racking at first. Everyone was welcoming and it turned out to be a great session for me.  After the stand up session i went to work on my first basic API. I think i did finish it...

My second day at Immedia

My first day was all about getting use to my environment, getting to know my team and mentor. Yesterday i was given a task to learn as much as i can about android and to also download the Android studio software. I knew nothing about Android before yesterday, it is...

Let the games begin

Today I was mostly focused on building my UI for the game. I was supposed to do constraints but I found them abit challenging 🙆🏼‍♀️😣 i watched a few online tutorials which have been assiting me quite alot in understand the...

iOS developer

Day 1. I had a really productive day today. I basically read through a programming with swift manual, and I understood the basic syntax of swift and how to code using XCode. I decided  that I will be creating a game 😎 I faced a fee challenges at first, because...